Madison Anesthesiology Consultants, LLP (MAC) was formed and began practice at Meriter Hospital in May of 2001. The 13 founding physicians of MAC had previously practiced anesthesiology at Meriter Hospital as members of Physicians Plus Medical Group and had established a pattern of excellent perioperative care. The formation of MAC stemmed from the desire to continue this pattern of excellence that best serves this community and our patients.

Since Inception

Responding to surgical and obstetrical demands.

Since its inception, MAC has continued to grow in response to the surgical and obstetrical demands of Unity Point Health-Meriter Hospital. MAC currently has 27 physician members that all participate in the care of patients at Unity Point Health-Meriter Hospital. In addition to providing perioperative care in the hospital’s operating rooms, MAC plays an increasingly large role in the care of obstetrical patients at Unity Point Health-Meriter. More than 50% of obstetrical patients at Unity Point Health-Meriter have some involvement with MAC. With the recent increase in popularity of epidural anesthesia to assist with labor and delivery, MAC has responded by being on the forefront of innovations and techniques designed to maximize comfort and well-being for mother and baby. Please visit the Childbirth & Anesthesia section for further information.

Flexible & Capable.

In addition to the operating room and obstetrical suite, MAC also contributes to care in other parts of the hospital. When requested, MAC anesthesiologists assist with care of patients in the emergency room, intensive care units, cardiac care units, radiology and endoscopy suites. Madison Anesthesiology Consultants, LLP has a long tradition of integral involvement in the development of hospital policies and procedures. MAC has a history of attracting extremely well-qualified individuals for positions within the group. Providing excellent service and care to our patients is our number one priority. Madison Anesthesiology Consultants, LLP looks forward to continuing to serve Unity Point Health-Meriter Hospital, our medical, surgical, and obstetrical colleagues, and our community with the highest possible level of anesthetic care.

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